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Why Choose Dr. Sinicropi?

  • 4000 spinal surgeries performed since 2006
  • Top Doc Voted 2014 Top Doctor in Minnesota Monthly
  • Expert at minimally invasive outpatient surgery + total disc replacement
  • Expert at complex cervical + lumbar procedures requiring spinal fusion

Common Conditions

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Complex Spinal Fusion

Total Disc Replacement

  • Cervical
  • Lumar

Meet the Team:

“Our goal is to give every patient we treat, real answers, so they can start on the road to effective treatment.”
— Sinicropi

Back or neck pain can be debilitating, impacting your everyday life and preventing you from doing activities you once performed with ease. Why live with the pain and “tough it out” when you can identify and correct the underlying issue? Dr. Sinicropi is an expert spine surgeon skilled at diagnosing spine conditions and working with patients to map out a treatment plan that best fits their needs. If you are looking for REAL ANSWERS then call and make your appointment to see Dr. Sinicropi or send in your MRI for an initial Review.

Conditions Treated

There are a plethora of conditions affecting the spine that can be successfully treated with a minimally invasive procedure. Some of the most common conditions that Dr. Sinicropi treats include:

Procedures Performed

Dr. Sinicropi routinely performs minimally invasive procedures to correct conditions of the spine including:

These procedures are all minimally invasive. That means that the surgery itself and the recovery time are quicker, easier, and less painful than traditional open back surgeries.

Dr. Sinicropi is one of the leading providers in the Midwest of Motion Preservation Surgery or Total Disc Replacement.

These procedures are motion sparing, allowing you to better preserve your range of motion and prevent degeneration of the levels of the spine next to the disc replacement.

Dr. Sinicropi has performed 4000 neck and back surgeries since 2006, with a very high success rate. He has the knowledge to give you REAL ANSWERS about your back pain, and the skills to treat your condition and get you back to your fully functioning self. Contact Dr. Sinicropi today to schedule an appointment or get an initial MRI review. You can make an appointment by calling or by filling out the contact form on our site.