5 Apps To Help Manage Spine Pain

Category: Back Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi

spine pain apps

Spine pain can be difficult to control, but that hasn’t stopped app developers from trying. Health apps can be found all over in the App Store, but which apps are best at helping people manage and control back pain? Here’s a look at five apps you should consider downloading if you deal with spine pain on a regular basis.

Stretch Away 

A lot of back pain is caused by inactivity, poor blood flow and muscle stiffness, and all of those things can be combated by regular stretching. This app helps the user learn some proper stretching techniques to ease their back pain and help correct their posture.


iRehab calls itself your “pocket Physical Therapist” whenever and wherever you need it. iRehab helps prevent and treat back pain by asking the user about their pain and then sharing some simple exercises to help control it.

Clinical Pattern Recognition – Low Back Pain

This app comes in as the steepest priced app at $19.99, but anyone who has had spine pain will tell you that they’d pay $20 to have less pain. The app can’t guarantee it will decrease your pain, but it has a host of features, like therapeutic exercises, pain patterns, potential conditions and much more. It currently has a 5-star rating in the App Store.

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