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Intercoastal neuralgia is a rather rare condition that affects some of the nerves between your rib cage. Although it doesn’t directly affect your spine, it is a condition that Dr. Stefano Sinicropi specializes in treating and he can help you if you’re dealing with intercoastal neuralgia. If you’ve been diagnosed with intercoastal neuralgia in Little Canada or a nearby city, make it a point to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sinicropi.

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Intercoastal neuralgia isn’t something that should be treated by a general surgeon. Since it is a rare condition in a delicate area of your body, you want to trust your surgery to someone who has corrected the issue many times before. Dr. Sinicropi and his staff have performed numerous operations to correct intercoastal neuralgia, and he’d be more than happy to discuss the procedure with you. He’s helped patients from Little Canada, North Oaks, Gem Lake, Shoreview, Arden Hills, Roseville, White Bear Lake and North St. Paul, and he’s always looking for the next person he can help. Contact his office today for more information.

Treating Intercoastal Neuralgia in Little Canada

If you’ve been diagnosed with intercoastal neuralgia, Dr. Sinicropi will walk you through your treatment options. For some individuals, medications that target the nerves in the chest can help control pain, but it doesn’t fix the underlying issue. More hands-on conservative options include physical therapy to free the compressed nerves or nerve injections/blocks. Some people will experience full relief, while others will only notice a temporary decrease in symptoms. If Dr. Sinicropi believes surgery is your best option, he can perform a minimally invasive operation that removes any scar tissue in the area and frees the decompressed nerve. Surgery typically has wonderful results. For more information about intercoastal neuralgia, or to talk to Dr. Sinicropi about your condition, reach out to his office today.

Resources For People With Intercoastal Neuralgia

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So if you believe you are dealing with intercoastal neuralgia, or you just want to get to the bottom of your rib pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi today. With a knowledgeable medical staff and the latest diagnostic tools, he can help find a treatment solution that works for you. If you’d like to get in contact with him you can do so by clicking here or by calling his office at (651) 430-3800.

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