Medical Legal For Patients

Injuries resulting from motor vehicle accidents or in the workplace can often cause significant medical legal issues.  In addition to having to recover from one’s spine injury there may be significant hurdles to navigate from a legal standpoint.

Diagnosing Spine Conditions & Syndromes

Dr. Sinicropi has treated thousands of patients who have been injured in motor vehicles or the workplace.  Treatment of these patients requires expertise in diagnosing syndromes such as:

Patients who have these injuries are often not diagnosed for a long time with these conditions. This, in turn, leads to a delay in care, chronic pain, medication over-usage, depression, loss of work, disruption in family life, and overall disability.  Patients who have pre-existing degenerative problems are also sometimes overlooked because of the lack of understanding at how these injuries can dramatically elevate pre-existing disease. Using proven methods of diagnosis can more accurately identify the pain generators and lead to effective treatments whether non-operative or operative for the patient.  Dr. Sinicropi understands the nature of these injuries and can help tailor the appropriate treatment plan to get you answers and relief.

Working with your Attorney

Dr. Sinicropi, if requested, will also review your case from a legal standpoint and work with your attorney to give expert answers regarding your injury. Whether you have a new serious injury or aggravation of a pre-existing condition Dr. Sinicropi can help to give honest, credible, expert answers to very difficult injury cases.

If you have suffered a spinal injury and treatment is not working, and you are looking for straight-forward expert answers, contact Dr. Sinicropi and his team today to see if a consultation is right for you.

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