Revision Spine Surgery In Coon Rapids

Dr. Stefano Sinicropi, Roseville Spine SurgeonNo matter how routine the operation is expected to be, there’s always the chance that something will go awry and that the surgery will fully or partially fail. Sometimes this happens due to surgical error, while far more often it happens through no fault of the surgical team or patient. If you’ve been told you need to undergo a revision procedure on your spine due to a failed surgery or a recurrent problem, trust your spine to Dr. Stefano Sinicropi. He’s helped countless patients get the help they need on a subsequent operation, and he can do everything in his power to ensure your next spinal operation is your last. Contact his office today.

Coon Rapids Spine Surgery

Dr. Sinicropi has been helping patients finally put an end to their spine pain for more than a decade, and he can do the same for you. Just ask one of the thousands of satisfied patients he has operated on. Dr. Sinicropi has helped patients from Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, Champlin, Spring Lake Park, Brooklyn Park and New Brighton, but he doesn’t just treat people from the Northwest side of the Twin Cities. If you’re within an hour of the Twin Cities, you’re never too far away from one of Dr. Sinicropi’s offices. Contact him today.

Revisional Spine Surgery in Coon Rapids, MN

As we mentioned above, patients may need to undergo a second spine surgery for a number of different reasons. Whether it’s because the bone cement didn’t stabilize at the right angle or the spinal tumor returned, if it turns out your need a subsequent operation, don’t be discouraged. Dr. Sinicropi has helped a number of people whose initial operation has failed, and he can help you in your time of need. He will work closely with you to explain all your options and discuss every element of your procedure and rehab so there are no surprises. If you’ve been told that you need to undergo a second spinal surgery and you’re wondering which spine surgeon to choose, set up a consultation with Dr. Sinicropi. We’ve listed his contact information at the bottom of this page.

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If you want to reduce your likelihood of needing a second spinal operation, consider having Dr. Sinicropi conduct your first operation. If you’ve already chosen a different surgeon and it turns out that you need another operation, don’t be afraid to make the switch to Dr. Sinicropi. He’ll make sure that he does everything in his power to ensure your surgery is a success. To learn more about how he’ll do this, reach out to his clinic by clicking here or by calling his office at (651) 430-3800. We’ve also listed the contact information for his Roseville clinic below.

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