Spine Surgery in Corcoran, MN

Bigger isn’t always better, and that’s definitely the case when it comes to spine surgery. When possible, endoscopic operations can allow the surgeon to perform a corrective procedure without making a large incision, which not only aids in recovery time, but also reduces the likelihood of complications. Dr. Stefano Sinicropi has perfected many types of endoscopic procedures, so if you’ve been told you need to undergo a surgery, contact his office and see if a minimally invasive operation is an option for you.

Endoscopic Back Surgeon in Corcoran, MN

Dr. Sinicropi has performed endoscopic operations for patients from all over the Twin Cities and the surrounding suburbs. He has completed endoscopic operations for patients from Corcoran, Greenfield, Hanover, Rockford, Loretto, Medina, Plymouth and Maple Grove to name a few, and he’d be happy to provide you with a diagnosis and walk you through all your treatment options. To learn more about how an endoscopic operation may be able to help with your pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

The Benefits Of Endoscopic Spine Surgery

As we alluded to above, an endoscopic operation has many benefits over a traditional open procedure. It’s less taxing on the patient, which leads to quicker recovery time and a quicker hospital discharge. The quicker you’re discharged, the smaller your bill will likely be. It also helps to limit scar formation and helps to prevent against potential complications, like blood loss or the introduction of outside bacteria into the wound site.

The procedure’s name derives from the endoscope which is used to help visualize the surgical site. The endoscope is a microscopic fiber optic device that can be inserted via a small tube through an incision and to the surgical site. The endoscope has a small camera on it that relays a live feed to a video monitor in the operating room. The surgeon looks at the monitor to perform the procedure, and many of these operations have very high success rates.

Resources on Endoscopic Spinal Procedures

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Contact A Spine Surgeon About Your Endoscopic Options

So if you live in Corcoran or another nearby city in southeast Minnesota and you want to talk to a doctor about your endoscopic options, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his team. He’s also well-versed in conservative care treatments, so no matter what type of back pain you’re dealing with, Dr. Sinicropi can help find a solution for you. To get in contact with his office, click here or call (651) 430-3800.

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