Failed Previous Back Surgery

Unfortunately, surgery is not always a cure all. Sometimes surgeries fail (for a number of reasons) and back pain can persist after an operation that was initially meant to relieve the pain. This is sometimes referred to as Failed Back Surgery Syndrome, though it is not technically a syndrome. The reality is that surgical procedures occasionally fail to accomplish their ultimate goal of pain relief. Thankfully, there are options for patients who experience a failed back surgery. If you have been experiencing back pain from a previous spine surgery, contact our team of Minnesota spine surgeons to learn more about your treatment options!

Why Spine Surgeries Fail

Most spine surgeries are meant to relieve back pain by freeing up compressed nerves, or replacing herniated or bulging discs. While the majority of spinal procedures are successful and lead to significant pain relief, not all procedures are 100% successful. Some patients continue to experience pain in the back, neck, or legs post-surgery. Back surgeries can fail for several reasons, such as:

  • Failure of the surgeon to identify the proper cause of the back pain.
  • Poor surgical technique or a mistake on the part of the surgeon.
  • Scar formation as a result of the surgery.
  • Failure to achieve a successful fusion.
  • Hardware issues (artificial discs, implants, etc.)

Minimally invasive spinal surgeries can minimize the risk of these factors significantly, which is why Dr. Sinicropi only performs these types of procedures (rather than traditional back surgeries).

How to Proceed after a Failed Spine Surgery

If you are experiencing back pain after having surgery your best course of action is to consult with the surgeon who performed the surgery. If you are not satisfied with your surgeon’s response you should contact other qualified doctors and surgeons to get second opinions about the cause of your back pain. These medical professionals can hopefully identify the exact cause of your pain and recommend several treatment options (both surgical and non-surgical) to get you back on track to a pain-free life.

Contact an Expert Minnesota Spine Surgeon

Dr. Sinicropi routinely offers second opinions to patients who have had an unsuccessful previous spine surgery. He treats patients in Bloomington, Edina, Burnsville, Stillwater, and throughout the Twin Cities Metro Contact Dr. Sinicropi today for your second opinion – 800.234.1826.

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