Revision Spine Surgery

Revision Spine Surgery EdinaMany patients who have undergone previous spinal surgery may develop recurrent symptoms or never have significant relief from surgical intervention. When this is the case, revision surgery may be the best option to correct the underlying issue. If you are interested in learning more about revision spine surgery, contact our team of Minnesota spine surgeons to learn more about your treatment options!

Revision Spine Surgery in Minnesota

Any patient with a history of previous surgery with new or unchanged symptoms requires an accurate diagnosis in order to effectively treat the pain generator.  Answers to the patient’s continued pain can be found by utilizing a methodical approach of:

  • Physical exam
  • Patient history
  • Imaging
  • Diagnostic injections

In many cases, pain symptoms can be improved with non-surgical methods.  In other cases surgical intervention will be required to correct the problem to improve symptoms and function.  In some cases it may be as simple as revision minimally invasive outpatient decompression.  In other cases complex multi-level spinal fusion will be required to correct the condition.

Minneapolis Spine Surgeon

If you have had previous spinal surgery and are experiencing new or persistent symptoms, a consultation with Dr. Sinicropi may help you on the road to recovery. Dr. Sinicropi has an incredible reputation in Minneapolis / St. Paul as an expert spine surgeon. Call now to set up your appointment – 800.234.1826.

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