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Whiplash occurs when your head and neck are thrust forward or backward by a strong force. This often occurs in car accidents where the driver is rear-ended (thrusting their head backward) or when they hit something and come to an abrupt stop (forcing their head forward), but can also happen during athletic activity or at amusement parks. Dr. Stefano Sinicropi has an expert-level understanding of the muscles and structures in the neck, and he has helped many patients put whiplash pain in the past. If you’re dealing with neck pain or have been diagnosed with whiplash, reach out to his office today.

Whiplash Surgeon

Surgery isn’t all that common if you’re just dealing with whiplash, which involves a mild to severe strain of the neck muscles and soft tissues, but if cervical discs shift, a minimally invasive operation may be your best bet. Trust that operation to Dr. Sinicropi as so many Minnesotans already have.

Doctor That Treats Whiplash

Soft tissue injuries in the neck can be painful and even debilitating, as range of motion can be restricted. Luckily, soft tissue issues from whiplash rarely need surgery, but that doesn’t mean you should handle the problem on your own. Let Dr. Sinicropi take a look and set up a conservative care plan that will target the injured tissues in your neck. It’s also worth seeing a professional to have the injuries documented in the event that you need to present medical evidence in court or to your employer. An added benefit of coming to Dr. Sinicropi as opposed to your primary care doctor is that if a disc has shifted or fractured and surgery is needed, Dr. Sinicropi can perform the operation so that you don’t have to bounce from clinic to clinic. If you’ve injured your neck in a car accident and would like a spine specialist to take a closer look, get in contact with Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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So if you’ve injured your neck in an automobile accident or some other activity, make it a point to have your condition diagnosed by a trained professional. Minor cases may resolve on their own, but active treatment is needed for more serious cases in order to achieve the best results. Dr. Sinicropi can help you make a full recovery. To learn more about his practice or to setup an appointment, give his office a call at (651) 430-3800.

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