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Back pain is quite common, but numbness in the region isn’t as typical and is generally more of a cause for concern. However, back numbness is something that Dr. Stefano Sinicropi is familiar with, and he’ll use his expertise to get to the bottom of your pain, So if you are dealing with acute or chronic numbness in your spine, pick up the phone and contact Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

Spine Numbness Surgeon in Lakeville

Whether you live in the downtown metro area or in one of the many suburbs of the Twin Cities, Dr. Sinicropi and his medical team are here to serve you. Dr. Sinicropi has helped patients from Lakeville, Farmington, Apple Valley, Prior Lake, Savage, Burnsville, Castle Rock and from all over southeast Minnesota. If you or someone you know is dealing with problematic back numbness, know that there are solutions out there, and Dr. Sinicropi can help you find them.

Back Numbness Treatment in Lakeville, MN

Back numbness isn’t so much of a spinal condition as it is a symptom of a larger issue. However, it can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what condition is causing your spinal numbness because a number of different spinal issues present symptoms that include regionalized numbness. So while the underlying cause may be hidden, that doesn’t mean it can’t be revealed. That’s where Dr. Sinicropi and his team come in. They have a wide range of diagnostic tools that can help them see exactly what’s going on inside your back and what’s causing the trouble. Once he’s uncovered the root cause, Dr. Sinicropi will sit down with you and discuss all your treatment options. After your plan is in place, Dr. Sinicropi will work with you throughout your rehab to ensure you make the quickest and fullest recovery possible. For more information on how he’ll do this, reach out to his clinic today.

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Back numbness is a sign of a problem, and left untreated, it can snowball into a larger issue or cause permanent damage. Most conditions that cause back numbness can be treated rather simply with conservative care techniques, and Dr. Sinicropi knows all the best methods to treat your ailment. Should you need surgery, Dr. Sinicropi has a wealth of experience performing intricate operations to help patients find pain relief. If you’re dealing with spine numbness or another back problem, contact Dr. Sinicropi’s office. You can set up an appointment by calling his office at (651) 438-3800 or click here to find an office near you.

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