Decompression Surgery Testimonials

Spine Surgery PatientDavid 

Procedure: Laminectomy & Decompression

“The pain down the legs was gone immediately after surgery. The back soreness is getting better by the day as I am only 3 weeks removed from my surgery.” Read More.


Procedure: Lumbar Decompression

“I slipped and fell on a patch of ice last winter and had severe leg pain from my buttocks all the way down to my feet. First I went to the chiropractor. When that didn’t work I was referred to a neurologist and had several epidurals. Nothing worked. Finally, I went to see Dr. Sinicropi.” Read More.


Procedure: Lumbar Decompression

“Dr. Sinicropi performed my previous decompression surgery perfectly. I wouldn’t go to any other surgeon.” Read More.


Procedure: Decompression

“I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, and injections but nothing really worked for very long.” Read More.


Procedure: Spinal Decompression & Fusion

“Follow the advice of a specialist like Dr. Sinicropi don’t be afraid of surgery.” Read More.


Procedure: Spinal Decompression

“I had no pain at all when I woke up from the anesthetic. My leg was initially weak but with rehabilitation I soon was back to 100%. I feel better now than I did 5 years before this happened.” Read More.

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