Procedure: Lumbar Fusion Surgery


What was your initial medical issue?

I had scoliosis when I was a child that was never properly treated. A few years ago I finally had two back surgeries, but neither of them helped the pain at all. I still had back pain, and balance issues from leg numbness.

What did this issue prevent you doing?

I’m a very active person and the pain prevented me from pretty much everything. I couldn’t bike or even walk for very long.

What made you decide to do something about your problem?

The symptoms got so bad that I couldn’t enjoy life anymore.

Why did you choose Dr. Sinicropi?

Dr. Sinicropi came up first when I did an internet search, and he stood out immediately as an expert.

What treatment/procedure did you have done?

Lumbar Fusion Surgery.

How did you feel after treatment?

I feel great! My pain and numbness are completely gone now. I’m even going on vacation for the first time in years.

What advice would you give other patients in a similar situation to you? 

Dr. Sinicropi and his team are simply wonderful. I have already referred many of my friends to him.

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