Procedure: ACDF


What was your initial medical issue?

For about 2-3 months, I had severe pain in my shoulder down through my hand. Then it turned to numbness. I didn’t know at that point that I had a neck problem. I was seeing a chiropractor at the time and after a month, he recommended an MRI, which showed deteriorating discs in my neck.

What did this issue prevent you doing?

After a month, pretty much everything. I couldn’t lift my arm to hold the steering wheel. I couldn’t do daily chores.

What made you decide to do something about your problem?

It just got to be too much pain.

Why did you choose Dr. Sinicropi?

Dr. Sinicropi was in-network for us so it made sense. After we saw him for the first time we realized how blessed we were to find him and his staff.

What treatment/procedure did you have done?

ACDF surgery.

How did you feel after treatment?

When I woke up I didn’t have much pain at all. I actually sat up and ate ice cream shortly after the procedure!

What advice would you give other patients in a similar situation to you?

I’m better off now than I was before I had any issues. It’s like I never even had a problem with my neck. I’ve already given Dr. Sinicropi’s name out to people I know with similar problems. I think he’s absolutely wonderful!

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