Procedure: Cervical Spine Fusion


What was your initial medical issue?

Pinched nerve on my left side from neck to thumb, and bone degeneration (cervical 4, 5, 6, and 7).

What did this issue prevent you doing?

I’m left handed so I couldn’t write, drive, or work without pain. I lost a lot of sleep, and had constant headaches.

What made you decide to do something about your problem?

I had already had cortisone injections and physical therapy, both of which did not work.

Why did you choose Dr. Sinicropi?

I was referred to Dr. Sinicropi, and I heard by research that he was the best.

What treatment/procedure did you have done?

Cervical fusion.

How did you feel after treatment?

With post-op physical therapy I am now back to about 95%.

What advice would you give other patients in a similar situation to you?

Have the surgery done, the sooner the better.

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