Spine Fusion Patient

Procedure: Spinal Fusion


What was your initial medical issue?

I had burning pain in my legs, back, thigh, and buttocks.

What did this issue prevent you doing? 

Just about everything. I could work as a computer analyst but is was painful, however I could not do anything else. My wife had to take care of all the household tasks.

What made you decide to do something about your problem?

I had two previous back surgeries performed by another surgeon in 2010 that left me with a serious infection. After that cleared up, I got a personal trainer, lost 80 lbs, and was training for a triathalon. Then I got in a car accident and reinjured my back. I tried chiropractic, physical therapy, radiofrequency ablation, and pain injections – nothing worked. That’s when I started considering back surgery.

Why did you choose Dr. Sinicropi?

I saw Dr. Sinicropi on Kare11 talking about spine surgery and artificial spinal discs. He seemed knowledgable, so I did more research and found out that he was well respected in the medical community.

What treatment/procedure did you have done?

Spinal Fusion Surgery.

How did you feel after treatment?

I felt fantastic immediately after the procedure. The pain and burning in my legs and back was completely gone. I was up walking around the day of my procedure. Having this surgery is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

What advice would you give other patients in a similar situation to you?

Go see Dr. Sinicropi if you have back pain. He performed an absolute miracle on my spine. It was the best surgical experience I have ever had!


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