10 Ways To Stay Entertained After Spine Surgery

Category: Spine Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: July 21, 2016

staying entertained after surgery

As a nation, we’re getting much better at making spine surgery less invasive and taxing on the patient, but most procedures still require patients to spend at least some time in bed or away from physical activity. Today we’re going to share 10 tips for staying entertained after spine surgery. Consider these tips if you have to spend extended time with physical restrictions after a spinal operation.


A book or a magazine can be your best friend after a spine operation. Head over to your local library to stock up on some bestsellers.


Books are great at telling a story, but sometimes you want to be entertained without really turning your brain on. Movies are a great way to pass the time after spine surgery, but be sure to mix in some other activities.


Head into the closet and dust off your favorite puzzle before your spine operation.


Crossword and sudoku puzzles keep your brain focused and your mind off your pain. Buy a booklet or two and keep them by your bedside for after your surgery.


If you aren’t allowed to go back into work, but you can move about your house, consider getting some housework done. Stocking up the pantry prior to but you may be able to complete certain tasks like dusting or sweeping.


Any holidays on the horizon? If you’re stuck in bed, grab your computer and see if you can do some online shopping to check off items on a wish list.

Therapy Exercises

Once your doctor determines that you are healthy enough to begin therapy, you should try some light physical therapy exercises.

Apps and Games

Grab your iPad, computer or gameboy and pass some time by playing a few games. Make sure to put your chargers near your bed before you head in for surgery.

Project Planning

Have you been planning on restaining that dresser or adding a little flair to your living room? Head onto Pinterest or other project planning sites and begin planning your next project.


You won’t be the last person to undergo a spine surgery, so if you’re comfortable writing about your experience, start a blog to share your story with others. People who are undergoing surgery may get some peace of mind hearing from someone who went through the process before them.

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