Could Shoulder Pain Be Caused By A Neck Issue?

Category: Neck Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: February 26, 2019

For the majority of aches or pains, the location of the discomfort is also a telling sign of where the source of the issue is located. That being said, with some injuries, a problem in one area can lead to symptom onset in a completely different part of your body. This can make it difficult […]

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Posterior Cervical Decompression Surgery

Category: Neck Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: March 20, 2018

Posterior cervical decompression surgery, also known as a microdiscectomy operation, is a procedure that involves removing part of a damaged disc that is compressing nearby structures. The posterior approach means the surgeon comes in from the back of the person’s neck, and the procedure has some benefits and drawbacks compared to a spinal fusion operation. […]

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5 Tips For Speeding Up Your Recovery After Neck Surgery

Category: Neck Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: February 9, 2018

Every surgery takes a significant toll on your body, and that is especially true for neck surgery because of the nature of your cervical spine. Your neck is tasked with supporting your head and facilitating movement, so unlike a fractured leg, you can’t just put your head up on the couch and take weight off […]

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Neck Range of Motion After Anterior Cervical Disc Fusion

Category: Neck Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: January 16, 2018

An anterior cervical discectomy and fusion is an operation that helps to relieve neck pain and improve or stabilize movement in the neck. But how exactly does this procedure help to address mobility issues in the neck, and what can you expect from the operation? We take a closer look at cervical mobility after ACDF […]

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Softening of the Spinal Cord in the Neck

Category: Neck Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: November 22, 2017

Cervical myelomalacia is the technical term for a softening of the spinal cord in the upper part of the spine, and it occurs due to a deficiency in the blood supply that feeds to the spinal cord. It can be caused by a few different actions, some preventable and some non-preventable, and the sooner it […]

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What Helps & Hurts Your Neck After Surgery?

Category: Neck Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: October 19, 2017

When it comes to recovering after neck surgery, nobody wants to do actions that negatively impact their recovery. However, many people unknowingly stress their neck after surgery without even realizing it. Below, we take a look at some ways you can help and hurt your neck after cervical spine surgery. Hurting Your Neck After Spine […]

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Numb Tongue after Spine Surgery

Category: Neck Surgery, Surgery Recovery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: May 19, 2015

Numbness after a surgical procedure is always scary for a patient. As we have discussed before, it’s quite normal to experience some numbing after a minimally invasive spine procedure. However, there are times when it’s cause for alarm. In this article, we are going to discuss why a patient may experience a numb tongue after […]

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