Why Does My Back Feel Like It’s Burning?

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Burning Back Pain

Have you ever finished some manual labor or woken up in the morning and noticed that your back feels like it is on fire? Believe it or not, a burning or tingling sensation is not all that uncommon, especially as we get older. Sometimes it’s caused by a minor issue, while other times it requires immediate medical attention. Today, we take a look at why you might be experiencing a burning sensation in your spine, and what you should do when it occurs.

My Back Is Burning

A burning sensation in your back may come with a variety of different symptoms. Some people simply experience a burning sensation, while others also deal with regionalized warmth, tingling, numbness, pain or an itching sensation. Assuming you aren’t actually dealing with a thermal or chemical burn, these sensations can be brought upon by a number of different problems, including:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Shingles
  • Back spasms
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Muscle strains
  • Infections
  • Underlying diseases like multiple sclerosis or encephalitis

What To Do If Your Back Is Burning

If your back starts burning and you can formulate a good reasoning as to why you may be feeling the sensation, you can probably get by with monitoring and conservative treatment. For example, if you just woke up and you back is tingling, take a couple minutes to walk around and get the blood flowing. Your spine pain may simply be caused by a muscle group or spinal structure that was deprived of oxygen or adequate blood flow. Conservative options include light exercise, stretching techniques, rest, and staying hydrated.

On the flip side, if a burning sensation develops out of nowhere, it’s accompanied by serious pain or it involves other serious symptoms like leg weakness or loss of bladder control, seek out medical attention immediately, as it’s a sign of a potentially serious issue. Ignoring the problem could lead to permanent nerve damage or long-term problems with vital muscles and structures, so use your best judgment when it comes to evaluating the burning sensation in your back, and ere on the side of caution and seek out a doctor if you’re unsure what to do. Even if it is a minor issue, you’ll get the best course of specific treatment for your condition from a spine specialist. So if you’re dealing with a burning sensation in your back, contact Dr. Sinicropi today.

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