Why Isn’t My Back Pain Going Away?

Category: Back Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: October 18, 2016

Back Pain Won't Go Away

This is a question we hear from time to time in patients who just can’t seem to kick their spine pain. Luckily most spine specialists can get to the root cause of pain and come up with a practical plan of relief by using certain diagnostic tests, but oftentimes persistent back pain is caused by a handful of reasons. Today, we explain some of the more common reasons why your back pain isn’t going away.


Remaining Too Active

We always stress that activity and exercise are great ways to strengthen injured areas of your back, but you also need to remember to take it easy when pain starts. If you never truly give your injury time to heal, it’s not going to go away. Don’t try to push through your work day or play in that basketball game if you have significant back pain. Sometimes the simplest reason why your back pain won’t go away is because you haven’t given your spine the opportunity to heal!

Degenerative Condition

Another reason why your back pain may linger is because you’re dealing with a condition like arthritis or degenerative disc disease that have no cure. That being said, just because they have no cure doesn’t mean they can’t be controlled. Rest may help in the short-term, but you’ll need to work in some targeted physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications if you truly want to take control of your back pain caused by a degenerative condition.

Bad Back Habits

Sometimes we do things that we know are bad for our back, like bending at the waist to pick up that heavy box, but other times we’re stressing our spine without even knowing it, and that can lead to worsening of symptoms. For example, if you sit hunched forward at your work desk every day, or you’re constantly craning your neck down to look at your phone, you may be overstressing your spine and adding to your pain without even knowing it. Focus on good posture habits, and you may notice your pain resolving.

Wrong Diagnosis

Another reason you may be dealing with unresolved or increasing back pain is because you received an inaccurate diagnosis from a general practitioner. The spine is one of the most complex areas of your body, and symptoms from one condition often mimic another, so there’s a chance you’re dealing with an incorrect diagnosis. Consider getting a second opinion from a spine specialist if your first treatment plans aren’t working.

Serious Spine Issue

There’s also the possibility that a serious spine issue is the cause of your pain. If your back pain seemingly arises out of nowhere and progressively worsens, there’s a chance that an issue like a spinal tumor could be causing problems. Don’t wait until symptoms become crippling; if you are worried about your progressive back pain, set up a consultation with a back specialist right away.

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