Five Water Exercises To Help With Back Pain

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Water Exercise Back Pain

As we’ve discussed on the blog in the past, water therapy is a great way to help strengthen your spine if you’re dealing with certain types of back pain. Water’s natural buoyancy helps to keep atmospheric pressure off our joints and spine, and water allows you to be more flexible and work certain muscle groups more easily than you could on land.

So we know that water therapy can be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to managing your spine pain, but what exactly should you be doing once you’re in the water? Today, we take a look at five water exercises that can be beneficial for treating back pain.

Water Exercises For Back Pain

Here are five water exercises that can help prevent and treat certain spinal conditions.

  1. Water Walking – Simply walking around in the water can work wonders for your spine and lower body muscles because of water’s natural resistance. Walk from the shallow end towards the deep end until your shoulders hit the water, then turn back around. Make sure your spine is straight and your trunk remains centered while swinging your arms forward and backwards.
  2. Knee to Chest – Keep walking in the water, but bring your leg up and try to touch it to your chest with every step. You’re a lot more flexible in water than you are out of it, so you may be surprised how simple this exercise seems, but it will be working your core with each step. Your core is essential for supporting your spine.
  3. Water Yoga – Look into classes at your community pool. Odds are they have a water aerobics or water yoga class once or twice a week. These full body workouts will help to safely strengthen your spine under the guidance of an expert.
  4. Lap Swimming – Lap swimming can be a great spine strengthening workout, but it can also lead to increased back pain if proper techniques aren’t used. Be sure you have good form in whatever stroke you’re using, and if you’re not all that confident in your form, start with a breaststroke or backstroke, as these techniques require less hyperextension of the spine.
  5. Kickboard Balance – Most pools will have a kickboard that you can check out or borrow, otherwise you can invest in your own personal kickboard. Lie on your stomach on the board or try to sit on the board while maintaining your balance. Water-based balance training exercises like those performed with a kickboard really test your core muscles, which help to stabilize the spine. Aside from directly strengthening your spine, working your core is the next best thing if you have occasional back pain.

For more water exercises to try, or to consult with a back specialist about your back pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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