How To Treat A Lingering Back Injury

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Lingering Back Pain

Back problems plague hundreds of millions of people across the globe, and one of the biggest reasons why chronic back issues exist is because people don’t take them seriously or treat them as they should. Some people just try to push through the pain, and others assume their discomfort is just part of getting older. However, if you don’t treat these back problems head on, they can linger for months or even years. Below, we explain how to tackle those back injuries that continue to linger.

Treating Lingering Back Problems

Here are some steps to consider if you’re dealing with lingering spine pain.

  1. Stop What You’re Doing – Whatever you’re doing clearly isn’t working, so stop what you’re currently doing. For many people, they aren’t doing anything to help their back get better, so you need to stop ignoring your pain. For those who are treating it with no success, it’s time to switch things up a little.
  2. Head To A Doctor – It’s time to confront your back pain head on, and you can best do that by having it looked at by a professional. Stop guessing at what’s causing your pain or turning to the internet for answers. Even if it’s a dull or mild pain, get a professional diagnosis so you can also get set up with a new treatment plan.
  3. Pursue Active Treatments – Don’t just look for the easiest option when it comes to reducing your pain. Opioids and painkillers can help limit your pain, but they won’t do anything to treat the underlying cause. Pursuing active treatment options like physical therapy, exercise or stretching techniques can all help to strengthen joints, soft tissues and key muscle groups, which will do a better job of helping you end your pain on a long-term basis. Even surgery is better than painkillers in the long term.
  4. Stick To Your Plan – Finally, once your doctor has set you up with a care plan, stick to it. Don’t commit halfway to your rehab or your physical therapy sessions, because that’s not going to do anything to help relieve your lingering back pain. You may want your pain gone, but if you’re unwilling to put in the work to get rid of it, it’s going to stay with you. You’ve got a game plan, so stick to it and follow your doctor’s instructions if you want to have the best chance at putting a stop to your back pain.

If you’ve got lingering back pain, attack the problem head on, because it’s clearly not going anywhere on its own. Almost all forms of back pain can be eliminated or reduced when cared for with active treatments, so do right by your body and actively treat the problem. If you’re still struggling, or you want assistance with the diagnostic or treatment stages of your recovery, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his experienced medical staff today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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