Is Your Wallet Causing Your Back Pain?

Category: Back Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 16, 2015

back pain from wallet

Strenuous or athletic activities are a few of the most common causes of back pain, but other times the root cause of your spine injury is non-physical. We’ve talked about how poor posture or always hunching over your phone can lead to neck pain, but there’s another culprit that often contributes to back pain in men. We’re talking about the wallet.

Your Wallet and Back Pain

Most men carry a wallet in their back pocket whenever they are out of the house. It’s rarely a problem when you’re walking around, but if you’re at your desk or in the car, sitting on that wallet can get uncomfortable, especially if your wallet is loaded with credit cards, family photos, business cards and a wad of cash.

Unfortunately, if one butt cheek is absorbing more pressure, it means you’re putting uneven pressure on the sciatic nerve. Your sciatic nerve runs from your hip joint down your leg, and it can actually become pinched against your hip due to the added pressure from your wallet. This can send shooting pain down your leg, or it can cause numbness or a tingling sensation.

It also puts uneven forces on your spine. When you’re sitting on your wallet, instead of sitting upright, most people round their lower back. This tilts your pelvis forward and adds stress to the lumbar portion of your spine.

Tips To Consider

Here are some tips to help avoid back pain caused by your wallet:

  1. Remove Your Wallet – If you’re going to be driving for a while or sitting at your desk for hours, remove your wallet and set it in a safe place. Just remember to grab it before you get out of your car or leave the office for the day.
  2. Don’t Bother Moving It To The Front – Moving your wallet to your front pocket may help your spine a bit, but because of pocket designs, it can cut off circulation between your thigh and torso, especially in the car.
  3. De-clutter Your Wallet – If you don’t want to take your wallet out of your back pocket when you’re seated, at least do your spine a favor and de-clutter your wallet. Strip your wallet down to the essentials. Any plastic cards you don’t use regularly should be stored in a safe place at home.
  4. Invest in a Money Clip – Money clips provide a slimmer option to the wallet, and they are often carried in a front pocket with ease. If you only usually use cash and one or two cards, consider making the switch to a money clip to take some pressure off your spine.

If you’ve tried some of the above tips and are still experiencing back pain, consider setting up an appointment with a licensed back specialist. They can get to the underlying cause of your back pain and set you up with plan to correct it.

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