Sweating after Spine Surgery

Category: Minimally Invasive Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 29, 2014

sweating after surgerySweating is a normal bodily function. We sweat when it’s hot, when we’re exercising, and when we’re anxious. But is sweating normal following a surgical procedure? In this article we are going to discuss the occurrence of sweating after a minimally invasive spine surgery – when sweating is normal and when it is cause for concern.

Why we Sweat

There are several factors that can cause a patient to sweat after their spine surgery procedure. First let’s briefly talk about why the human body sweats in the first place. Sweating is the body’s natural mechanism for regulating body temperature. When the body gets overheated, it cools down automatically by sweating. The sweat evaporates off of the skin and cools the body down.

Exercise is not the only thing that causes our bodies to sweat however. Sweating can be the result of the strong emotions, stress, or evidence of the body fighting off infections.

Sweating after Surgery

Some sweating should be expected after spine surgery, as well as most other surgical procedures. Sweating can be an indication that your body is fighting off an infection. Anesthesia can also cause an increase in sweating as anesthetic sometimes impacts the hypothalamus (which impacts body temperature). Many patients report having night sweats following spine surgeries. These can be particularly frustrating as they prevent patients from getting the sleep they need to effectively recover post-op. Night sweats are no fun, but most sweating (whether during the day or at night) should resolve given enough time after surgery.

Sweating could last for a few days, or a few months, but it is generally nothing to be worried about. However, if you are concerned about sweating or anything else after your spine surgery, contact a spine specialist to see if you should be concerned about your symptoms.

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