Traveling on an Airplane with Spine Pain

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airplane spine pain

Whether you need to fly across the country for work or you’re jet setting down south for a week in the sun, our lives often require us to spend a few hours on an airplane. Some people love flying, but anyone who has to live with chronic or frequent bouts of back pain will tell you that they aren’t a fan of being cramped in an uncomfortable chair for hours on end. Sometimes flying to your destination is unavoidable, so if you are forced to be on a plane for a few hours, you should probably learn some tips to keep your back pain at bay. Here are some ways to control spine pain on an airplane. Consider these tips if you know you have to get on a plane and you regularly deal with spine pain.

Pick Your Seat

The best way to avoid back pain on the flight is to take some initiative well before your flight departs. A lot of flights let you pre-pick your seat in the days leading up to the flight. Log online or call the airline and see if you can get a seat on the aisle. This will make it easier to get up and stretch your legs and back, which can lead alleviate pain.

Prescription Planning

Take a look at your prescription medication supply in the weeks and days leading up to your flight. Make sure you have enough pills to get you through your whole trip. Trying to find a prescribing doctor in a foreign city can be a major headache, so make sure you plan ahead when it comes to your back pain pills.

Pack a Pillow or Sweatshirt

Airplane seats aren’t very comfortable, pack a pillow or a sweatshirt that you can stick behind your back to help push your spine into a comfortable spot.

Get Up and Move

Movement helps keep pain from setting in, so when the captain turns off the fasten seatbelt sign, take advantage and move about the cabin. If you don’t want to move around, at least stand up and stretch your spine once every 30 minutes or so.

Bring Distractions

If you are entertained, odds are you won’t be focusing all your attention on your spine pain. DVD players and iPods are good distractors, but even better are options that force you to turn your brain “on.” Grab a Sudoku puzzle, some reading material, or even bring some work on the plane. If your brain is distracted, it won’t be focused on your back pain.

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