What To Expect After Revisional Spine Surgery

Category: Spine Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: July 28, 2021

Spinal Disc Replacement

We expect spine surgery to take care of our spinal condition once and for all, but for a small percent of patients, they’ll need to undergo a secondary procedure to correct an issue with their first operation. The prospect of a second operation can feel daunting and overwhelming, especially if you’re unsure of what to expect during and after the operation. In today’s blog, we try to shine a light on what you can expect after a revisional procedure so that you can give yourself the best chance at having a successful operation and rehab.

Managing Your Spine Surgery Expectations

It is very important to have appropriate expectations heading into your surgery, because mismatched expectations can actually have implications for your physical recovery. If you don’t have the right mindset, it can make it harder for you to follow through on your rehab or make good choices during your recovery.

With that said, odds are your expectations were not met with your first operation considering the fact that you need to undergo another operation. So how can you make sure you have appropriate expectations heading into what was originally an unexpected operation? Here’s how to manage your expectations after a revisional spine procedure:

  1. Trust Your Doctor – Even if it’s not your surgeon’s fault that you need to undergo a secondary procedure, it can be difficult to have full faith that this revisional operation will address your issue. That being said, you need to trust that your doctor has your best interests in mind and will do everything in their power to get you the care you need. Don’t go through with a procedure until you’ve found a provider that you believe in. Dr. Sinicropi has been that provider for countless patients in the past, and he can be that surgeon for you in your time of need.
  2. Recovery Will Take Work – A revisional procedure may be able to correct your underlying issue, but surgery alone won’t get you back to a pain-free way of living. It’s going to take effort on your part in the way of physical therapy and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. Know that you’re going to need to put in plenty of work on your own in order to experience the best outcomes after revisional spine surgery.
  3. Take Care Of Your Mental Health – The prospect of needing a second surgery can leave you feeling anxious and exhausted. It’s completely normal to feel this way, but it’s important that you acknowledge these feelings and don’t let them negatively affect your outcome. Talk about your concerns and frustrations with your care team or your family. Odds are they’ll be able to help you manage these feelings, and that can go a long way in helping to improve your physical outcomes.
  4. Destress – This also goes hand-in-hand with the above point, but work to eliminate stress from your life before and after your revisional procedure. This is obviously easier said than done, but stress can negatively affect your physical rehab. We know that a secondary spinal surgery will be stressful, but find healthy ways to channel this stress. Exercise, read, talk with family and friends, challenge your mind and find other healthy ways to eliminate stress from your life.
  5. Be Mindful Of Wound Care – Finally, make sure that you follow your doctor’s instructions in regards to wound care very carefully. You need to do everything in your power to care for your incision site so that an infection does not develop, especially if that was the underlying reason why you needed a secondary procedure. If you’re not careful, another operation may be in your future. Know that you’ll need to be diligent about caring for your incision site during your recovery.

Nobody wants to undergo a secondary spinal procedure, but if a revisional operation is in your future, trust your operation to a skilled spine surgeon like Dr. Sinicropi who can ensure your second procedure goes as planned. For more information, or for help with your spinal discomfort, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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