4 Possible Causes of a Spinal Lump

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spine lumpFeeling a lump on your spine or elsewhere on your body can be downright terrifying. Most patients immediately assume the worst and try to diagnose their symptoms online (which usually makes the situation worse). The truth is, a lump on the spine could be a number of things – many of which are not life-threatening. In this blog we are going to discuss what a lump on your spine could be, and when to see your doctor about a spinal lump.

What Could a Spine Lump Be?

A lump on or around the spine could be the result of several things, such as:

  • A bruise on the spine can feel like a lump or bump. These are most common after an acute injury.
  • Tight Muscle or Muscle Spasm. Sometimes the muscles surrounding the spinal cord can tighten up and result in a “knot” feeling.
  • Tender Lymph Node. If the lump in in the cervical (neck) region of the spine, it could be the result of an inflamed lymph node.
  • Spinal Tumor. Lumps can also be spine tumors. Learn more about spine tumors and how to treat them in our previous blog.

When to See your Doctor

Bumps or lumps on the spine are not always cause for concern. While you should have new lumps or bumps checked out by your primary care provider, you don’t necessarily need to rush to the emergency room if you find one on your body. That being said there are situations in which lumps can be life-threatening. Here are a few warning signs to look out for that may be cause for concern:

  • The lump increases in size over time.
  • Severe pain in the back that gets worse over time.
  • Numbness or loss of sensation
  • Loss of bladder or bowel control

If you notice any of these symptoms, make an appointment with your physician to get the spinal lump examined, diagnosed, and treated.


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