4 Tips For Taking A Vacation With Back Pain

Category: Back Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi

back pain on vacation

Rest and relaxation can be great for a painful back, and sometimes a vacation is the best medicine for spine pain. You never want spine pain to prevent your from doing certain activities, and that is especially true on vacation. So whether you’re planning to head out west to ski or taking a trip down south to sit by a beach, we wanted to share four tips to help keep your back pain at back when you’re on vacation. Here are some tips to consider to help prevent spine pain flareups during vacation.

Prescription Management

In the week leading up to your vacation, take a close look at your prescription bottles. Count how many pills you have left and ensure you have plenty to get you through the duration of your vacation. You won’t want to run out of medication halfway through your trip, so if you are running low, call your doctor or medical office to ensure your can get a refill before you depart.

Call Your Hotel

Before you head off on vacation, call your hotel to let them know that your sometimes deal with back pain. If you’ll need a wheelchair, cane or just general assistance with your bag, let them know so they can be better prepared for your arrival. This is also a good time to see if you can get a hotel room on the main level or nearer to certain areas, like the pool or dining hall. This will cut down on the number of stairs or the distance you need to travel to get to frequent destinations.

Travel and Takeoff

Oftentimes back pain can set in early during vacation because you have to sit in a car or an uncomfortable plane seat for hours. Plan ahead and try to make yourself as comfy as possible so your back doesn’t get stiff. If you’re on a plane, take an over-the-counter pain reliever to get out ahead of your pain, and invest in a travel-sized pillow to stay comfortable during your flight. If you’re in a car, ask your passengers if you can ride up front or wherever is most comfortable, and ask your travel companions if you can leave a little earlier, because your back will benefit from a few pit stops to get out and stretch if you’re doing a long distance drive.

Know Your Limits

Vacation is a time to have fun, but know your body’s limits. You don’t need to ski down the moguls or dive during that beach volleyball game. Don’t make your pain worse because you pushed your body too far while having fun. It can be tough to sit on the sidelines or to take it easy on the slopes because of back pain, but it’s much preferred to staying in your hotel room because your spine pain is so bad that you can’t get out of bed!

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