4 Tips For Reducing Back to School Spine Pain

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back to school spine pain

The calendar has flipped to August, and summer is flying by. If you’ve been out shopping lately, you’ve likely seen the aisles filled up with back to school supplies for all ages. Soon you’ll be headed back to school, and while those first few weeks can be a good time reconnecting with classmates, it can also be a drag if you have to deal with spine pain. Today, we share four tips for reducing spine pain during back-to-school season. Consider these tips if you want to keep your back healthy all throughout the school year.

Backpack Buying Basics

If you’re in the market for a new backpack, don’t just go and grab the first one off the shelf that catches your eye. Don’t go for the cheapest one either, because it’s probably of pretty poor quality. Take your time picking out a backpack, and don’t be afraid to buy one online if it has good reviews. Look for something durable with two straps that can evenly distribute weight across your shoulders. Also, be sure it doesn’t hang too low on your child’s back.

Wearing The Backpack

We alluded to how to wear the backpack a little bit in the above point, and for more tips you can check out this post, but for the most part, you simply want to wear the backpack so that weight is evenly distributed on your back. Don’t carry it over one shoulder, especially if it’s heavy, and ensure the straps keep it from hanging too low. A properly fitted backpack should not touch your butt.

Packing The Backpack

The next step in avoiding spine pain is to avoid over-packing your backpack with heavy books and materials. This is obviously easier said than done, especially as you get older, but if your bag is getting heavy, carry a book or two in your arms so you don’t overstress your spine. If you are allowed to take your backpack to class, plan ahead and pack for part of your day and then stop back at your locker so you don’t have to carry the full day’s materials with you to each class.

Posture Awareness

Be aware of your posture when you’re walking through the halls and home from school. Odds are you’ll feel inclined to text and walk at the same time, but if you’re hunching forward to text with a heavy backpack on, you can easily hurt your spine. If you need to text, keep it short, keep your phone out in front of you instead of right at your belt, or better yet, stop and take your backpack off to text. Even if you aren’t texting, if you notice you’re leaning forward while walking to compensate for your backpack, you should stop and carry a few of the heavier books.

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