4 Ways Spine Pain Can Cause Injuries In Other Areas Of Your Body

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Treating Spine Pain in Minnesota

Earlier this year we wrote a blog post titled 4 Problems in Other Areas of Your Body That Cause Spine Pain. Problems in other areas of the body can certainly cause spine pain, but those pain pathways are also a two way street. Because of this, we decided that we’d share four ways your spine can cause problems in other areas of your body.


Foot Problems

One of the most common areas that can develop pain due to an injury to your spine is your feet. In fact, there are so many conditions that can set in that we decided not to just focus on one specific injury. For example, a pinched nerve in your back can cause you to alter your gait, which can put excessive pressure on different areas of your feet that aren’t equipped to handle this repetitive force. This can lead to bunions, sprained ankles, hammertoes and ligament instability. If you spine pain is affecting your ability to walk, visit a doctor right away.

Hip Joint Damage

If your gait is affected by your spine pain, you can bet that it’s not just your feet that will feel it. The altered movement stresses the hip joints, and oftentimes patients will complain that pain seems to have spread from their lower back to their hips. Excessive stress can wear down the hip joints and lead to even more pain in the midsection. The most common form of hip pain as a result of back pain is due to a condition known as sciatica, where the sciatic nerve that runs down the legs becomes compressed, causing regionalized pain, weakness and numbness.

Bowel Obstruction

Another serious condition that sometimes is caused by a problem in your back is bowel obstruction or incontinence. If spine pain is making it difficult or impossible to go to the bathroom, get to a medical center right away. Herniated discs can sometimes put pressure on nerves and structures that are necessary for normal waste disposal. Do not wait if your back pain is affecting your ability to go to the bathroom.

Arm Pain or Weakness

Degenerative spine conditions sometimes cause the components of the spine to erode or move out of alignment. When this happens, nerve roots in the spinal canal can be pinched by a displaced disc or vertebrae. When a nerve root becomes compressed, it relays the pain signal along pathways which connect the brain to the arm and hand. So if you are experiencing arm pain along with back pain, there’s a good chance the arm pain is actually a result of an unresolved spinal condition.

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