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Healthcare in the United States can get costly, even if you have a decent insurance plan. Nobody wants to get hit with an unexpected or hefty medical bill, so oftentimes we try to find cheaper ways to help our bodies get the attention and care they need. While we do our best to keep patient costs down, we also understand that sometimes you can get by with a cheaper or even free treatment option. In today’s blog, we take a look at five free treatment options to help with your back pain.

No Cost Back Pain Treatment

Now, it’s important to realize that these cost effective non-operative options aren’t guaranteed to work, and your best bet would likely be to sync up with a spine specialist who can get to the bottom of your spine pain. With that said, these oft-recommended conservative techniques can help treat a number of minor or mild back pain issues. Here are some no cost back pain treatments to consider:

  1. Exercise – You may pay money each month to have a gym membership, but you don’t need to pay a dime in order to get regular exercise. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, run on a treadmill or do a workout in your living room after the kids go to bed. It’s very easy to carve out 30 minutes a day for moderate intensity exercise, and this will help to strengthen key spinal muscles and treat some soft tissue injuries.
  2. Weight Loss – Excess weight is a factor or a direct cause of back pain for millions of Americans. With that in mind, losing weight can help to take pressure and stress off your spine, which can help treat painful spinal symptoms. It doesn’t cost anything to mind your calorie count and to ensure you’re burning off excess calories with exercise.
  3. Swap In Water – When it comes to empty calories and potentially harmful beverages to our spine health, drinks like soda, caffeine and alcohol can have a greater impact on our spine than we imagine. Excess sugar, caffeine or alcohol can lead to spinal inflammation and interrupt healthy sleep that can be crucial for your spine’s health. Instead, make water your primary source of liquid intake each day. This zero-calorie drink will help improve blood flow and can help prevent things like spinal muscle cramps and strains.
  4. Improve Your Posture – Our posture also has a significant role in our spine health, and we oftentimes don’t realize just how poor our posture really is. If you’re slumped over a computer or slouched on your sofa watching television, your cervical and lumbar spine will be under excess stress. Really work to sit up straight, keep your head positioned above your shoulders and limit slouching or leaning. Also, if you sit a lot at work, consider investing in a sit-to-stand workstation or find ways to get on your feet more often, as this will help take stress off your spine.
  5. Stretch – Finally, if back stiffness or soreness is your biggest concern, consider taking a few minutes to stretch your spine and your whole body in the morning and evening. Stretching can help to activate muscle groups and better help them to prepare for upcoming stress, which will help them from becoming overloaded. Stretching can also help if you’ve been seated in one position for an extended period, as this can help to loosen up stiff muscle groups. Stretching your spine for five minutes a few times a day can be a simple way to help limit back pain.

For more tips, or if you’d like a professional to assist with your spine pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and the team at Midwest Spine & Brain Institute today.

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