5 Gifts For Someone Recovering From Back Surgery

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Back Surgery Gifts

If a friend or family member is going under the knife for back surgery, you’re probably wondering what you can do to help them on their journey to recovery. But what are they going to want or need following a spinal procedure? In today’s blog, we share five gift ideas you can give that will make a person’s day after back surgery.

Gifts To Give To Someone Having Spine Surgery

Here are five gifts you can give to show you care and make their life a little easier following spine surgery:

  1. A Healthy Home Cooked Meal – Your friend may be on bedrest or light duty following their surgery, and that can make mealtime tough. Cook them their favorite meal so they don’t have to go through the hassle of cooking. This is also a nice gift because it will help them avoid fast food or unhealthy options, which can inhibit their recovery. Healthy foods packed with vitamins and minerals will help their spine get the nutrients it needs to help the area recover.
  2. Time – The gift of time is another great option following an operation. Simply spending some time with the person and listening while they tell you what’s on their mind is another wonderful thing you can do for someone after spine surgery. Again, they may not be able to get around and meet with friends or family like they normally would, so coming to them and just spending some time with them is a great alternative that shows you care.
  3. Rides – Depending on what type of surgery they had, your friend may not be able to drive for some time until healing has progressed. Offer to drive them to and from appointments, or help shuttle their kids around to practice after school. This will help take a burden off their plate and help prevent them from putting their body and surgery at risk by driving against doctor’s orders.
  4. Pet Care – Do they have a dog that won’t be able to get as much exercise as they normally would while their owner is recovering from back surgery? Offer to take their dog for a walk or to the park so it can get some exercise. Not a dog person? Buy a gift certificate to a doggy daycare or for a dog walking service in your area. This will help show that you care about your friend and their pet!
  5. Books, Word Puzzles and Sodokus – Finally, get them an activity that will engage their brain. They may just want to watch Netflix, but it’s important to care for our mental health after surgery as well, and a new book or a crossword puzzle can help to stimulate the brain. Ask what’s on their reading list, or pick up a booklet of activities from your nearest Target.

These are all great gifts for someone recovering after spine surgery that show that you care about their well-being. We also care about their health, and we’d be happy to answer any questions or help in any way with your back pain. Contact our office today for more information.

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