5 Items That Simplify Life After Spine Surgery

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Not too long ago, we shared a post detailing how to prepare for life after spine surgery. That post described a lot things you could do before your operation that would simplify your life after surgery, like preparing meals, bringing work home, scheduling rides for your kids, etc. Those are all great actions you can take to make post-surgery life easier, but here we want to focus on some supplies and items that are often extremely helpful to patients who have undergone a recent surgery. Today, we share five items that may help simplify your life after back surgery.

A Reacher or “Grabber”

One of the more essential items for someone who has been told not to twist, turn or bend over after spine surgery is a reacher. These devices are about 2-3 feet long with prongs or a grabbing device on the end. Operated by pulling a trigger at the other end, a reacher allows a person to grab items from the ground or a nearby coffee table without having to contort their body. This is a must-have if you can’t bend or twist for days after your operation.

A Toilet Seat Riser

The bathroom can be an intimidating place after an operation, and while you should follow your surgeon’s specific instructions about showering and getting your dressing wet, there’s another area in the bathroom we want to focus on today – the toilet. Men may be able to avoid sitting on the toilet for a little while, but ultimately you’re going to need to sit down to go to the bathroom, and for some people that’s too low of a target to comfortably reach. Thankfully, there exists the toilet riser. This device sits on top of the toilet and raises your seat position about 6-12 inches to aid in getting on and off the toilet.

Slip-on Shoes

Most people are focused on getting back to certain activities, like sports, school or work after a spinal operation, but they don’t realize how difficult the surgery may make once-routine tasks, like putting on your shoes. If you need to put on your real shoes, a shoe tongue may be a good investment, but if you’re just stepping outside to get the mail or let the dog out, purchase a pair of slip on shoes with good grip on the bottom.

Sports-Style Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is a crucial part of the recovery process, and that is easier to do if you always have a water bottle near by. One of the benefits of the sports style water bottle is that the top is designed so you can drink it at all angles, even when you’re lying in bed. By opting for a similar model, you’ll ensure that you won’t have to sit up or move from a comfy spot when you get thirsty.

A Cane or Walker

Another topic we explored on our blog is the idea that you may have balance or mobility issues after spine surgery. If these balance problems lead to a fall, you risk opening surgical staples, damaging hardware and suffering a lot of pain. It may not seem like the most stylish option, but a cane or walking aid is one of the most practical ways to keep yourself safe while you work to regain your balance and mobility.

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