5 Low Impact Exercises To Strengthen Your Spine

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Exercise is very important when it comes to keeping your spine strong and healthy, but a number of our normal exercise routines also put an abnormal amount of stress on our spine. If you’re currently dealing with back pain or a lingering spinal condition, these traditional exercises may be too painful to perform, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from activity. In today’s blog, we share five ways to exercise without putting excess stress on your back.

Low Impact Spine Exercises

Here are five ways to strengthen your spine and perform your daily exercise without putting repetitive stress on your back.

  1. Walk – Walking is probably the easiest form of exercise because you can do it almost anywhere and it doesn’t require any special equipment. If the jarring force of running causes too much discomfort in your spinal discs, get your mileage in by walking around your neighborhood or on a treadmill.
  2. Swim – Swimming is another great way to get your blood pumping and strengthen your muscles without gravity causing problems. Odds are there is a pool or recreational center not too far away that has open swim or lap swimming at certain times throughout the day. Find a time that works for you and swim a couple times a week. Your back will thank you for it, and the natural resistance of water provides a unique strengthening routine.
  3. Elliptical – An elliptical helps get you moving without the forceful impact that is felt every time you take a step. Odds are your local gym has a few elliptical machines, or you can find one online for your home gym. You can also increase your pace or intensity for a more difficult workout while still protecting your spine.
  4. Yoga – More and more of my patients are turning to yoga as a way to stay active without putting extra stress on their spine. Now it’s true, some yoga movements really do force you to maneuver your spine in uncomfortable positions, but by carefully making these movements, we can improve our flexibility and range of motion in the area. This can also help to strengthen oft-ignored muscle groups, which can improve the stability of your spine.
  5. Cycling – Cycling makes the list as a low-impact workout option, but it needs to be performed correctly. If you don’t have the proper form when leaning forward on your bike, you may be putting excess pressure on your cervical or lumbar spine. If you’re familiar with cycling posture, perform regular checks throughout your ride, and if you’re unfamiliar, ask an expert or do some Googling to ensure you ride with the right technique.

All of these exercise options can help you strengthen your spine and put back pain in the past without overstressing the area. For more tips, or for help with your spine condition, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and his team today.

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