5 Must Haves In The Spine Surgery Recovery Center

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Spine Surgery Recovery

If you are undergoing spine surgery, you are going to want to pack some essentials to help get your recovery off on the right foot once you’ve been sent to a recovery ward. Some spine surgeries allow you to be discharged on the same day, while others require a day or two in a post-op care room. Even if you’re leaving the same day, you’re probably going to be held until the surgical team is confident that you’re in the clear. During this time, you’ll want these five essential items to help with your recovery.

Post-Op Must Haves

Here are five things you’ll want to pack if you’re heading in for spine surgery.

  • Water Bottle – Staying hydrated helps to facilitate blood flow throughout the body, which can help to bring vital nutrients and vitamins to recovering structures. It can also help to prevent constipation, which can be uncomfortable or downright painful. Make sure you have a water bottle by your bedside table following the operation.
  • Ice Packs– The surgical center will likely have some ice packs on hand, but if you have your own, consider bringing them. Cold packs help to reduce swelling, which in turn can help to speed up the healing process. Ask your doctor about safe ways to administer cold packs to your surgical site after an operation.
  • Comfy Clothes – Pack an extra change of comfy clothes so that you can change into a fresh pair after the operation is complete. The easier to get into, the better, because your movement may be restricted after the surgery.
  • Laxatives– Not all patients will need laxatives, and the surgical center may have some on hand if you need them, but if you have a brand that works well with your system, consider packing them. Preventing constipation is important in the hours after surgery, and laxatives can help as your digestive system may slow after surgery as your body focuses more on helping your body recover from the trauma of surgery.
  • Entertainment – Finally, if you’re going to be in a recovery room for a couple of days, make sure you pack some items to help you stay entertained and keep your sanity. Bring books, your iPad, puzzle books, or your laptop and some DVDs so you can help take your mind off your discomfort while you recover.

Pack all these items, but be sure to ask your surgeon or a member of the surgical team if there are any other necessities you should pack to best prepare for your recovery. These first few hours after an operation go a long way in helping you heal, and we want to make sure you’re the best prepared for them. For more information or to talk to Dr. Sinicropi about your back pain, reach out to his clinic today.


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