5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Second Opinion Before Spine Surgery

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Second Opinion Surgery

Some decisions in life don’t really require a second thought, like what you’re going to eat for breakfast, or where you go for a haircut. Other decisions require a little more thought and research. Spine surgery falls into the latter category. But why is it so important to get a second opinion prior to your spine surgery? Here are five reasons why you should always get a second opinion if your first doctor recommends surgery.

Why You Need A Second Opinion

Here’s why it’s so important that you seek out a second surgical opinion:

  1. Confirm What’s Expected – The most important reason why you should get a second opinion is to confirm what the first surgeon suspects. Nobody wants to have an unnecessary surgery, so it’s always a good idea to have two independent professionals assess your spine and see if they reach the same conclusion. If one suggests physical therapy and the other advises surgery, you may be able to avoid an operation. Since surgery is a major trauma on your body, it’s key that you make sure a second person sees what your first surgeon suspects.
  2. Type of Surgery – A second opinion will also allow you to confirm what type of surgery is best for your spine. In most cases, your spine issue can be treated with a few different operations. By talking to multiple surgeons, you can decide which procedure and which recovery plan is best suited to your needs. Some surgeons may also be more skilled or have more experience with certain procedures, so by finding out what procedures would work, you can choose the best surgeon for your operation.
  3. You Have Time – Unless it’s an extreme emergency, spine surgery isn’t really something that you want to rush into. Making quick decisions before you’ve had time to process all of your options can leave you at a disadvantage. Even if you’ve been diagnosed with a spine tumor, it’s unlikely that you’ll need an immediate surgery, so you’ll have time to consult with another surgical team.
  4. It Helps Calm Your Fears – Ironically, a number of people don’t get a second opinion because they are scared or intimidated by their first diagnosis. Instead of seeking out a second opinion, they’ve been told they have a problem and they want it fixed right away because they are scared of their diagnosis. What we’ve found is that people who take the time to collect their thoughts and get a second opinion actually have a more positive outlook towards their operation and less anxiety. Getting a second opinion will leave you more confident in your decision and with less worry.
  5. You’re Not Going To Make Your Surgeon Mad – Finally, some people avoid getting a second opinion on their surgery because they’re afraid that they’ll make their first surgeon mad. No good surgeon will be offended if you say that you want to get a second opinion. In fact, if we’re the first surgeon you’re visiting and we think surgery is your best bet, we’ll often tell you straight up that you should get a second opinion. We’re capable of performing the job, but for all the above reasons and more, we encourage patients to seek out a second opinion about their operation. A second opinion is best for the patient, which is why we recommend it if we’re the first surgeon you see and an operation is our prognosis.

If you need an initial diagnosis or a second or third opinion, please reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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