5 Simple Daily Changes To Improve Your Spine Health

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Spine Health Daily Changes

Having a healthy spine takes daily work, but it’s not all that hard of work. Working out and improving your core muscles are great ways to improve your spinal health, but you can do a lot more for your spine by just doing a few simple things every day. In this blog, we shine a spotlight on five simple ways to protect and strengthen your spine that you should incorporate into your life on a daily basis.


Movement is crucial for intricate structures like your spine. It strengthens spinal tissues, prevents overstress from staying in one position for long periods, and it helps to facilitate the flow of healthy blood to and from the spine. Something as simple as a 30-45 minute walk a few times a weeks can do wonders for your spine health.

Seatback Support

When we’re not moving, we’re usually sitting, and that can take a toll on your spine if you don’t have ample spine support. Whether you’re in the car or at your desk, make sure that your chair is positioned so the back and neck support is actually providing support, as this will take stress and strain off your spine.

Posture Care

Along a similar vein, your seatback isn’t going to do you any good, even if it’s in the correct position, if you’re hunched forward or leaning too far backwards. Strive to take a couple seconds every hour to do a posture check. Make sure your head is positioned above your shoulders and that your neck isn’t craining forwards or backwards. Do this every time you’re seated on the couch, in the car or while you’re at your desk, and you may notice a decrease in spine discomfort.

Ditch The Vices

Tobacco and alcohol use are common contributors to spine pain and the onset of certain spinal conditions, from herniated discs to degenerative disc disease. Reducing or stopping your intake of these products can do wonders for your spine and your overall health. If you need assistance cutting back, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi to learn more about your options.

Limit Screen Time

TV and our cell phones may be entertaining, but they can also slowly damage our spine. From staying in one position for long durations to developing “text neck” problems from leaning forward to read our phones, it’s no surprise that younger people are developing spine problems earlier in life. Keep your phone out of your lap when using, as this will help avoid neck problems, and try to sub in some physical activity instead of passively watching a screen. Activities like cycling, yoga or swimming will promote good spine health while screen time only progressively works against your spine.

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