5 Spine Tips For Spring Cleaning

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spine tips for spring cleaning

Spring is right around the corner, and that means it’s almost time to clean out the garage and areas of the house that have become a little cluttered during the cold winter months. Spring cleaning can be a fun and liberating experience, but not if you aggravate something in your back. To help prevent back pain, we’ve compiled a short list of tips to keep in mind this spring. Read on to learn how to keep your spine in top shape while spring cleaning.

Stand Up Straight

Whether you’re painting or cleaning the gutters, make sure you are standing up straight while you’re sprucing up the house. If you’re hunched over, you’re putting extra stress on your spine. You’ll be able to clean longer if you stand up straight while working!

Leg Lifts

If you’re going to be moving a lot of boxes or heavy objects, make sure you practice proper lifting techniques. Instead of bending at the waist, bend at the knees. Doing this will reduce your risk of herniating a disc or tearing a muscle. Also, if something is really heavy, grab a buddy so you don’t overload your spine.

Height Help

Each year a number of patients visit my clinic because they injured their spine during a fall. If you’re getting up on a ladder to take down the Christmas lights, grab a friend to help stabilize the ladder, even if there is no snow on the ground. A fall from even a few feet can be a devastating injury, so make sure you have someone to hold the ladder when you climb this spring.

Don’t Overdo It

Once you start cleaning, it can be hard to stop. That said, be careful not to overload your spine in a short period. If you overdo it, you might find yourself in bed nursing a back injury. Tackle a few items on your list, then give yourself a half hour break, and always stop if your start to feel pain.

Prep Before You Start

Another easy way to injure your spine while cleaning is by jumping right into an activity. Take a few minutes to stretch your back before lifting boxes or moving junk out to the curb. Also, if you have a history of pain during physical activity, consider taking an over-the-counter pain reliever before activity begins to get out ahead of your pain.

And always remember, if you hurt your spine this spring or during any other season, give the team at Sinicropi Spine a call!

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