5 Ways To Permanently Relieve Back Pain

Category: Back Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: February 3, 2022

Back Pain Treatment Options

Back pain can cripple your physical ability and decrease your independence, so when you decide to treat the problem head on, you want to know that treatment has a good chance of successfully relieving back pain on a long-term basis. But what’s the best way to permanently relieve your back pain? In today’s blog, we share five of the best treatments for permanently relieving back pain.

Permanently Relieving Back Pain

Here’s a look at five tried and true techniques for relieving back pain, however, it’s worth noting that it’s not as simple as just picking a technique or two from this list. For best results, consult with a specialist who can view your condition in person, and that’s actually the first treatment recommendation on our list.

  1. Consult A Professional – For severe or chronic back pain, one of the best things you can do for your spine is to consult with a professional. We’ve seen all different types of spinal injuries and conditions, and while no two problems are ever exactly the same, odds are we’ve seen a number of similar cases and found results for those patients. You can’t ensure you’re doing all you can to treat the problem if you aren’t exactly sure what you’re dealing with, so reach out to a specialist, get a diagnosis and let them set you up with a personalized treatment plan.
  2. Physical Therapy Physical therapy is another great way to control back pain in the short- and long-term. Physical therapy is beneficial because it strengthens muscle groups and helps to stabilize the spinal column so that it can better handle the stress you throw at it without becoming overloaded. PT is also helpful because it teaches the patient safe movements so that they aren’t at risk of making their condition worse when they are improving their strength and stability.
  3. Weight Loss – A number of spinal conditions are made worse by being overweight, so sometimes all you need to do is shed a few pounds and you’ll notice a huge improvement in your symptoms. Problems like a herniated or bulging disc or degenerative disc disease all tend to respond well to weight management, so reduce your calorie intake and increase your exercise, and your back pain may alleviate as you shed some weight.
  4. Posture Corrections – It’s amazing how much stress we can put on our spine when we’re not doing anything overly physical. If we’re hunched forward at the office or sinking into the couch while we’re watching television, our cervical and lumbar spine will be handling a lot of stress while we’re seated. Over time, this can lead to spinal disc degeneration, shifting spinal discs and nerve compression. Being more aware of our posture throughout the day, especially when we’re seated, can help to eliminate instances of chronic back pain brought on by poor posture.
  5. Low-Impact Exercise – Finally, one last way that you can help permanently put an end to your back pain is through the development of a low-impact exercise routine. Exercise is helpful for weight loss and muscle strengthening, but you want to be smart about the type of exercise you pursue. Running or contact sports can put a lot of strain on your spine, so consider activities that are less impactful on your back, like swimming, cycling or moving on the elliptical. You’ll get the benefits of exercise without the strain a high-impact activity like running can put on your back over time.

For more tips on permanently ending your spine pain, reach out to Dr. Sinicropi and the team at the Midwest Spine & Brain Institute today.

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