6 Tips For Staying Active In The Winter

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The winter weather just keeps coming, and while it can be easy to stay inside and nestle up by a warm fire, inactivity can lead to weight gain and other problems for your spine. We’re not saying you need to don your winter gear and go for a run when the weather is bad, but there are a number of ways to stay active when the weather doesn’t comply. Today, we share some tips for staying active and strengthening your spine in the winter weather.

Winter Spine Care Tips

Taking care of your spine is a year round challenge, even when the winter weather tries to keep us inside. Here’s how you can stay active and keep your spine healthy during the winter months.

  • Walking – Walking has tremendous health benefits, as it helps to get your blood pumping and keep you at a healthy weight. So long as you dress appropriately, a short winter walk can be just what you need if you’re feeling cooped up by mother nature.
  • Hit The Gym – Gyms often have introductory offers and other specials when the new year hits, so take advantage of this time and consider joining a gym, even if it’s just on a month-to-month basis. Odds are there’s one not too far from your place, and it will allow you to get a full workout in even when the snow is falling.
  • Swimming – If you live in a city, odds are there’s a community pool or an aquatics center not too far away. It won’t have a beach, but you can pretend you’re swimming in the ocean! Lap swimming is a great way to strengthen your back when you can’t get outside for a traditional workout.
  • Winter Sports – Some people are annoyed by the snow, but others embrace it because it allows them to participate in some seasonal sports, like skiing, skating or snowboarding. These activities will test your core, which provides stability to your spine. When performed with the proper safety gear, winter sports can be both fun and helpful for your spinal muscles.
  • Mall Walking – If you don’t want to head outside for your regular walk, drive on over to the local mall or an indoor track and do your walking in 70-degree temps.
  • Shovel – A snowblower is easier on your back, but some people prefer the exercise it takes to shovel their sidewalk and driveway during a winter storm. Be sure not to overload your shovel, and turn your whole body, not just your spine when throwing the snow off the pavement. Shoveling can help to strengthen your back, but you have to be careful not to overstress or have poor mechanics, otherwise injuries can develop.

These are just some of the ways you can keep your spine and your body active while you wait out the winter weather. If you have an activity that you’ve found useful during the winter months, drop us a line in the comment section, and if you’re dealing with back pain, be sure to reach out to Dr. Sinicropi’s office today.

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