Are Hammock Beds Bad for your Spine?

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hammock bed for back pain

Sleep is essential to a healthy back. A bad mattress, or sleeping in certain positions can result in back pain or make spine conditions even worse. We have talked about mattresses and the spine previously, but we have yet to touch on hammock beds. In this article we will talk about whether or not sleeping in a hammock can damage your spine and cause back pain.

Hammock Beds

A hammock bed is simply a hammock used as a bed. While hammock beds are not widely popular in America and other western nations, many people around the world use them every day. There are various types of hammock beds readily available for purchase. But are hammocks spine-friendly? That’s the real question.

Can Sleeping in a Hammock Hurt your Back?

People associate lying in a hammock with feelings of relaxation and comfort – and for good reason. Not much beats lying in a hammock on a gorgeous Minnesota summer afternoon. Compared to sleeping in a bed, hammocks put you in a sleeping position with a curved spine. As we’ve discussed before the ideal sleeping position is lying flat on your back. Sleeping on your stomach can put excess pressure on your spine and lead to back pain. Hammocks require you to sleep on your back, and can be quite comfortable for people suffering from back pain.

If you have a pre-existing spinal condition like scoliosis or a pinched spinal nerve, sleeping in a hammock bed can be especially painful. Talk with your physician if you have a pre-existing back condition and see if they recommend using a hammock bed. Recommendations vary based on the patient in question.

As always, we’ll end with a recommendation to see a spine specialist if you’re experiencing back pain. No back pain condition is untreatable – there is always hope to reduce your pain and improve your quality of life. Don’t suffer through life in pain, make an appointment to diagnose the source of your pain and learn about treatment options.


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