3 Benefits of a Two Level Spinal Disc Replacement

Category: Spine Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi

two level disc replacementI recently began performing a relatively new spinal procedure known as a total cervical disc replacement using the Mobi-C artificial disc. This article will briefly explain the procedure and offer three benefits of the surgery compared to other treatment options.

Mobi-C Disc Replacement

The Mobi-C is an FDA approved artificial disc produced by LDR. It is meant for use in total disc replacement procedures in the cervical spine (neck). Although this procedure is much newer than other tried and true spine procedures, it has many benefits that other surgeries lack. Here are a few of those benefits.

Retain Mobility

Compared to a cervical fusion, a disc replacement allows the patient to retain a lot of neck motion post-op. A fusion removes the discs and fused the adjoining vertebrae together. While this helps reduce pain and nerve issues, it also reduces the patient’s ability to bend, twist, and otherwise move their neck. The Mobi-C is designed to act like an actual spinal disc, and it allows the patient to retain nearly all range-of-motion in the neck.

No Hardware Necessary

A spinal fusion surgery usually requires spine hardware such as plates, screws, and bolts to secure the vertebrae after the disc is removed.  The Mobi-C requires no hardware. That means you won’t risk setting off any metal detectors after your surgery, or deal with any potential post-op hardware problems.

Easier Recovery

Because a two level disc replacement is generally less invasive than a fusion surgery, the post-op recovery is typically quicker, easier, and less painful for the patient.

If you have severe or chronic neck pain, contact a spine specialist to see if a two level disc replacement may be able to help resolve your condition. The Mobi-C disc replacement isn’t the best option for every patient, but it has a lot of excellent benefits.


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