Tailbone Spine Pain

Understanding And Treating Referred Back Pain

Category: Spine | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 29, 2022

We typically assume that when we develop pain in a specific location of our body, that’s where the underlying issue resides, but that’s not always the case. When an issue in one area of our body causes pain in another part, this is known as referred back pain. In today’s blog, we take a closer […]

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Trapped Spinal Nerves

5 Controllable Risk Factors For Pinched Spinal Nerves

Category: Nerves | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 27, 2022

When you consider that the natural aging process and genetics can increase your risk of developing a pinched spinal nerve, it’s clear that not all pinched nerves can be completely prevented. That said, there are a number of modifiable risk factors that can increase or decrease your likelihood of developing a pinched neck in your […]

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Sequestered Spinal Discs

Which Spinal Discs Are The Most Commonly Injured?

Category: Spine | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 21, 2022

Your spine is composed of vertebral segments separated by thin, flexible discs. These spinal discs help to provide mobility to the spinal column and aid in how weight is dispersed across your back. However, because of the stress they endure, these discs can break down or become injured. Below, we take a closer look at […]

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Spinal Bone Spurs Treatment

Celiac Disease And Your Spinal Osteoporosis Risk

Category: Spine | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 19, 2022

More than three million people in the United States are affected by a digestive condition known as celiac disease. This digestive problem leads to damage and inflammation of the lining of the small intestine whenever foods containing a protein called gluten are consumed. Gluten is found in wheat products and is especially plentiful in foods […]

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Exploding Back Pain

5 Factors That Influence The Success Of Your Spine Surgery

Category: Spine Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 14, 2022

You may feel like you have no control over the success of your spinal operation, and while the surgery itself will be out of your hands, you have more say in the success of your operation that you probably realize. There are a number of different controllable factors that will affect your ability to have […]

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Spinal Fluid Leak

What Can Cause A Spinal Fluid Leak?

Category: Spine | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 12, 2022

Cerebrospinal fluid, also sometimes simply referred to as spinal fluid, helps to protect your brain and your spinal cord from injury. This fluid also helps to deliver key nutrients and aid in the removal of waste products. It flows in and around the hollow spaces of the brain and spinal cord, and between two of […]

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Worker Back Pain

Why You Should Choose Dr. Sinicropi After A Back Injury At Work

Category: Spinal Cord Injury | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 7, 2022

Even if you don’t work an extremely physical job, odds are your back handles a lot of stress when you’re on the clock. If this stress overloads your spine, or you suffer direct trauma because of a mishap at work, you may end up missing time from work with a back injury. If you miss […]

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Medication Back Pain

Can I Have Back Surgery If I Am Sick?

Category: Spine Surgery | Author: Stefano Sinicropi | Date: December 5, 2022

Millions of people catch the common cold every year. A cold may force you to work from home for a few days or take care of a sick kid when they come home from school with a runny nose, but coming down with a sickness can also affect the viability of your upcoming spine surgery. […]

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