Can Back Pain Cause Toe Spasms?

Category: Nerves | Author: Stefano Sinicropi

toe spasmsCertain spinal conditions and injuries to the spine can cause pain and issues elsewhere in the body. Even though an injury is sustained to the spine, other body parts may be affected. In this blog we will talk about how back pain can impact other areas of the body. Specifically, whether or not back pain can cause spasms in your feet and toes.

Spine Conditions & Other Body Parts

The spine houses almost countless nerves that run from the brain to other parts of the body. When these nerves are pinched or damaged in any way, it can result in issues in other parts of the body, even though the impacted nerve originates in the spine. For example, certain spinal cord injuries can result in loss of feeling or full paralysis below the waist, and herniated discs can cause numbness in the hands and fingers.

Back Pain and Toe Spasms

Severe spinal cord injuries can result in major paralysis, but what about more minor issues? For example, if a patient is experiencing back pain in conjunction with spasms in their feet or toes, could the two be related? The short answer is yes. It is possible that involuntary toe spasms or curling could be the cause of an injured or pinched nerve in the spine. However, spasms in the feet could also be caused by a plethora of other conditions or injuries. This is where your physician comes in. A thorough physical exam and review of your medical history will begin to give your doctor a picture of your symptoms. After that, other diagnostic tests (MRI, x-ray, injections) can be used to narrow down the potential causes of your symptoms. This is an imperfect process that can take some time. But having a physician you trust is essential to getting to the bottom of your back pain.

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