Can a Bulging Disc make your Fingers go Numb?

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bulging discTingling and numbness in the extremities can indicate nerve damage from a bulging disc in the spine. But can the numbness extend all the way to the fingers as well? That is the question we discuss in today’s blog.

How Bulging Discs Cause Numbness

Spinal discs rest between each vertebra and act as cushions for the bones of the spinal column. Sometimes due to an injury, condition, or just ordinary wear and tear, these discs can herniate, rupture, or bulge out of place. When this happens, the surrounding tendons and nerve roots can be affected, causing a variety of symptoms such as pain and numbness.

Sometimes bulging discs cause no pain or symptoms whatsoever. Certain patients do not even realize that they have a bulging disc, while others can experience severe pain, or paralysis. It all depends on the extent of the disc bulge and what other surrounding spinal structures are impacted. In short, bulging discs can cause a patient to lose sensation in their fingers, though it is not the most common symptoms. Any muscle weakness, tingling, or numbness should be taken very seriously. If you experience any of these symptoms see a physician and correct the underlying problem before the tingling turns into permanent paralysis.

Fixing the Numbness

Once you identify that the tingling is the result of a bulging or herniated disc, there are several treatment options that can stop the numbness and bring feeling back to your fingers. One of the most common and successful methods is decompression surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon goes in and frees up the compressed nerve causing the numbness. This is a minimally invasive procedure that has high success rates, and involves little pain and scarring. Talk to a spine specialist to see if a decompression is the right course of treatment for your situation.

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