Can my Head be too Heavy for my Neck?

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A human head typically weighs anywhere between 5 and 11 pounds. That doesn’t sound too heavy, until you consider the fact that you are carrying your head around with you constantly. Imagine holding a ten-pound weight all day every day – your arm might get a little tired. Thankfully, our neck provides enough support that most of the time you probably don’t even notice the weight of your head. But sometimes your head can feel so heavy that it’s weighing you down. This article will tackle the question of whether or not a person’s head can be heavy enough to cause neck pain or other spinal issues.

Can a Heavy Head Cause Neck Pain?

Most people will not experience neck pain as a direct result of the weight of their head. There aren’t many things that can significantly increase the weight of a person’s head. Most of the time when a patient complains of a heavy head, it is due to a change in the muscles, or other structures in the area that make the head feel heavier (even though it weighs the same).

What Causes your Head to Feel Heavy?

There are many things that can cause your head to feel heavy. Here are a few of the more common factors that can add up to a heavy head:

  • Sprained, strained, or otherwise injured neck muscles can lead to a feeling of heaviness.
  • Poor posture.
  • Other spinal conditions or injuries.

If your head feels like it’s weighing you down and you’ve been experiencing neck or back pain, make an appointment with a spine specialist to discuss your condition. You may have an associated spinal condition that is contributing to the head heaviness and pain you are experiencing. A skilled physician can accurately diagnose your condition and set you on a course for treatment.

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