Can a Spine Surgeon be Too Optimistic?

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optimistic surgeonOptimism is a powerful tool when it comes to surgery and health in general. Mental and emotional health are linked. An optimistic attitude from both the patient and the surgeon can help quicken recovery. Optimism is a necessary tool for any surgeon, but can a surgeon be too optimistic about the outcome of a procedure? That is our topic for discussion today.

Optimism & Surgery

Optimism can be a helpful asset when it comes to a spine surgery procedure. It truly can aid in the outcome of your procedure and the recovery process. However, there is a delicate balance that must be struck. A good surgeon will outline the reality of the patient’s situation – including both the good and the bad. As long as the surgeon’s optimism is not preventing them from explaining the full picture of a patient’s care, it can be a powerful tool.

Can Optimism Go too Far?

The real question that pops up in this discussion is: “can optimism go too far, and if so, where is the line?”

The short answer is yes, blind optimism on the part of the surgeon can be detrimental to patient care. If a physician’s optimism is preventing them from seeing the full picture of treatment, their recommendations may not be the best they can be. That being said, it is important to remain optimistic even in the bleakest of circumstances, as long as the surgeon and the patient have a firm grasp on the realism of the situation.

As always, communication with your surgeon is absolutely essential to effective treatment. Make sure you and your surgeon are on the same page regarding the risks of your procedure, and voice any concerns you may have. Your surgeon will help you understand the procedure, the recovery process, and can offer resources for avoiding anxiety and depression after your surgery.

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