What to Do if You’re Denied Spine Surgery

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denied surgeryA patient may be denied spine surgery for multiple reasons. But remember, surgery is just one of many treatment options. If surgery is not an option, there are plenty of non-surgical alternatives for reducing pain. In this article we will offer some advice for moving forward if you have been denied surgery.

Why are Patients Denied Surgery?

There are a few different reasons why a patient may be denied spine surgery. One of (if not the most) common reasons is insurance. Whether your health insurance will cover your procedure is dependent on a litany of factors, from you plan benefits and coverage, to your unique condition or injury. Insurance denials are so highly specific to each patient that there’s not much advice we can offer in this blog, other than recommending that you check your insurance plan to see if particular procedures are covered. If you have questions about insurance, talk to your insurance carrier or your doctor’s office for assistance.

Another reason a person may be denied spine surgery is more medical in nature. Your physician, or the surgeon doing the examination, may decide that minimally invasive surgery is not in your best interest. Each patient requires a different treatment plan, and some people are not good candidates for minimally invasive spine surgery (more on what makes a good candidate here). For one reason or another, the procedure may be too risky for your situation.

Alternative Treatment Options

So, what should you do if you are denied a particular procedure (regardless of the reason for the denial)? First off, do not give up hope. There are a variety of treatment options that can aid in the reduction of your back pain. Steroidal injections, physical therapy, and chiropractic techniques can all be beneficial depending on the root cause of your pain. These treatments may be all you need to get back to a pain free life. Your physician can guide you through all of your options, and help you make the best decision possible. Being denied spine surgery is not the end of the world. It simply narrows down your options for treatment.

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