Do Back Pain Injections Get Less Effective Over Time?

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Pain injections are often used as an alternative to surgery for treating back pain conditions. But patients typically find only temporary relief with these injections. In this article, we are going to talk more about back pain injections and specifically address the question of whether or not injections get less effective over time.

Injections for Back Pain

Injections are a popular treatment method for patients suffering with chronic back pain. There are several types of back pain injections, including:

Many patients want to avoid surgery at all costs, and injections provide them a way to do that. However, the pain relief provided by injections tends to wear off – forcing patients to get more injections when their pain returns.

Diminishing Returns

Although it’s not always the case, pain injections often only provide temporary back pain relief. Many patients get one injection, only to have their pain come back a few months down the line. But do injections get less effective upon subsequent treatments? In short, yes. Especially with nerve pain, injections tend to become less and less effective the more treatments a patient has. These diminishing returns can be incredibly frustrating for both doctor and patient.

Spine Surgery as a Long-Term Solution

While most people think of spine surgery as a last resort, patients who actually undergo surgery often wish they had done it in the first place. Back pain injections wear off, requiring patients to return for subsequent treatments. Minimally invasive spine surgery provides long-term relief. If you are suffering from chronic back or neck pain, contact a qualified spine surgeon in your area to discuss your options. Dr. Sinicropi has been performing spine surgery in Minnesota for years and is widely respected throughout the community as an expert in the field of spine surgery.

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