It Feels like I have a Bruise on my Spine – Should I see a Doctor?

Category: Spine Pain | Author: Stefano Sinicropi

bruised spineA common symptom we see in a lot of our patients is a tender or bruised feeling on or around the spine. This bruising can occur from the low back region, all the way up to the neck. It can be accompanied by a visible bruise, or simply be a tender area on or around the “notches” in the spine.

There are several possible causes for this bruised feeling on the spine. In this article we will delve into some of the most common causes of spinal bruising.

Back Injury

Injuries are probably the most common cause of spinal bruising. Sports injuries or car accident injuries (even simple fender benders) can jar your body and force things out of alignment. Sometimes the bruising won’t be immediately apparent. Bruises may appear days or weeks after an injury.

Old Age

As we age our body deteriorates – it is a simple fact of life. In general, the body is easier to bruise in elderly people for this very reason. Conditions like osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis (which become more common as we age) can also add to this. 

Bulging or Herniated Disc

A bruised feeling near the spine is a common symptom of a bulging disc or a herniated disc. These conditions occur when a spinal disc protrudes out of its proper place (bulging disc), or when a disc is ruptured (herniated disc). Depending on the severity of the bulging or herniation, the bruising may go away on its own, or may require additional treatments.

When to see a Doctor

 Bruising is a fairly common bodily condition, and is generally not an immediate cause to see a doctor. Most bruises will heal given enough time. If your bruising does not go away in a few weeks, or if pain in the bruised area gets worse over time, it’s time to talk to your physician, as there may be more serious underlying issues.

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