Getting a Back Massage after Spine Surgery

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back massageMassages are a wonderful way to relax, reduce stress, and loosen up your muscles. One of our readers recently brought up a great topic for discussion on the subject of massages and spine surgery:

Can I get a massage after spine surgery? If so, how soon after my procedure can I get a massage?

That is out topic for today’s article. We are going to investigate whether or not massage therapy can be helpful or harmful after a spine surgery procedure.

Can I get a Massage after my Spine Surgery?

Back massages are generally not recommended right after surgery, as the surgical wounds need time to heal. However, after the incisions have sufficiently healed, massage therapy can be a great rehabilitation option for patients after spine surgery. It can help alleviate tension and reduce pain that results from surgery. However, it is essential to make sure a qualified massage therapist is performing these massages. An amateur masseur who doesn’t know what they are doing can cause damage by irritating the surgical site or any underlying conditions (like a bulging disc).

If you do decide to see a massage therapist after your procedure, always remember to inform them of any recent surgeries or back conditions that you have. This information will allow your massage therapist to avoid any tender areas, and give you the best care possible.

If you are interested in massage therapy following your spine surgery, talk to your surgeon and they will be able to recommend a trusted professional.

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